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On line Help:-
Hose Type (air to air)

Choose which type of unit you need:-

By far the most common (about 85% of the office market). Just put the hose out of the window (or into a false ceiling), then plug in and away you go. No Water bottles to empty, (hooray). Requires a window, doorway or false ceiling to vent the hot air. Can Run 24hours per day unattended.

Ideal for offices and server rooms. Why Air to Air? - When cooling, the moisture created from the incoming air is evaporated and blown out in the hose with the hot air (hence Air to Air). You can see on our codes "ATA" for this type of machine.

Bucket type:- In other types of hose type units the moisture is collected in a bucket, if the bucket is internal when the bucket is full, a safety feature stops the machine until you empty the bucket. If the bucket is external, it is fed via a pipe, (sometimes fed to a permanent drain) there is no safety feature.

Split Type Similar to a Hose Type, but often more powerful. Instead of expelling the hot air via an air hose, the unit has a small box (about the size of a briefcase) connected to main indoor unit by a smallish flexible pipe. The box can be hung out of a window or fixed onto outside wall with the pipe fed through a hole. The moisture is pumped inside the flexible pipe to the outside. Can also run 24 hours per day unnattended. Alway seek technical.
Water Evaporative (water cooler) This uses the principle of evaporative cooling. Has an internal tank that needs to be topped up with water (about every 2 to 5 days). There is no hose or external box, it is completely self contained. Can create some humidity hence requires ventilation i.e. leave the doors open. The capacity to cool depends on the humidity, the lower the humidity the better the cooling effect. Units sized on area usually:- 15, 20 or 30 sq meters.
Other Terminology:-

Air to Air:- See Hose type above

Bottle or Bucket type:- Unit requires a Bottle or Bucket to be emptied, when the cooling produces moisture.

BTU's / Kw:- BTU = British thermal units, Kw = Kilowatts. On average each person in an office requires 4,000 BTU's, a standard Portable is 8,000 BTU's or 2.34 KW (1,000watts = 1 Kw = 3,418 BTU's).

Defeat the Heat:- You must "defeat the heat", i.e. if you need 15,000 BTU's of cooling, you require 2 x 8,000BTU machines, 1 unit of 8- 12,000 BTU's will not cope, you will only benefit from spot cooling, much like running cold water into one end of a bath.

Monoblock:- Hose type unit but with water buckets which require to be emptied

Spot Cooling:- Localised cooling, only cools the local area, insufficient capacity to cool the entire area.

Twin Pipe:- (one intake and one exhaust pipes) The 1st (hot air exhaust) pipe is installed as a one pipe unit, the 2nd air intake pipe (may or may not) be fitted deciding if you wish to draw air into the machine from another area (such as outside). This can be a benefit if the outside air is cooler than inside.



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