9,000 BTU's
2.64 Kw

£599.00 + VAT

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Slimmest Air-To-Air Unit
On the Market

12,000 BTU's
3.52 Kw

£599.00 + VAT

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Air-To-Air Best value all
round Unit On the Market

14,000 BTU's 4.1 Kw

£599.00 + VAT

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Slimmest Cooling and Heating Unit
On the Market

Chilly Pepper Hire - Hire Rates Water Evaporative Units

Our Prices are as follows:-


(Prices until
30st June 2011)


Area Covered


1 week or less Minimum


2-5 Weeks


6-9 Weeks


10-13 Weeks


14 Weeks Plus


1 Year
(per week)


(Download Handbook)

15 sq M








(Download Handbook)

18 sq M £36 £31 £27 £23 £22 £8


(Download Handbook)

30 sq M £40 £35 £31 £27 £26 £10

Download a Hire Agreement Form (PDF)

Notes:- Important Please Read

Swap-in / Swap-out service is standard and included at no cost.

Existing Customers NO Deposit

Standard Delivery & Collection £55.00 each way inside M25, for 2 or more units, (£27.50 each way for 1 unit). For longer distances please ask

If Applicable: London Congestion Charge:- Nov to March = £8, April to May =£4,
Jun to September = £2, October = £4

The hose or split unit must vent to outside area i.e. through a window or false ceiling

Extra length hoses are available (Free of charge), Please ask when ordering.

For permanent installation Window & Wall kits are available (chargeable).

If you require an extra "hand" to help set up (or take down) we charge a standard £50:00.

Prices, Specifications and Availability can change at any time, please confirm on order.

Some units may on occasion be substituted for a similar model.

In the case of under capacity, these units can only be considered as local spot coolers.

Most Credit Cards are accepted.

The above prices are subject to VAT

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