9,000 BTU's
2.64 Kw

from £3.50 /week

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Slimmest Air-To-Air Unit
On the Market

12,000 BTU's
3.52 Kw


from £5.50 / week

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Air-To-Air Best value all
round Unit On the Market

14,000 BTU's
4.1 Kw

from £6.40 / week

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Slimmest Heating & Cooling unit and quiet

Chilly Pepper Hire - Hose Type Unit - CP120dATA

Super Cooler

Air-To-Air Best value all round Unit On the Market with all the accesories

Smallest, quietest, lightest 3.52kw unit in the UK Market (See Specials on Home Page)

CP120dATA Image

CP120dATA (Air-to Air)

12,000 BTU's (3.52Kw) Unit

Energy Efficient, Heat Pump Technology uses 1.23kw (5.5amps, cost about 6 - 8p per hour) to give 3.52kw of Cooling

This is an Air to Air Machine (no buckets of water to empty) will run 24/7 unattended


Suitable for both Commercial & Domestic use

Single Pipe hose, extends to 2 meters, (127mm Diameter)

Digital temperature control, Cooling down to 18degC with a *20degC drop on output air flow* (wow),

De-Hum = 1.8L per hour

Remote Control , weight = 32kg


29.25" H x 19.15" W x 14.25" D

74cm H x 49cm W x 36cm D

3 speed Fan

3 Modes: Fully Automatic, Maximum Cooling & Dehumidifier

The Dehumidifier can work without the main hose, with a small pipe (supplied) straight to a bucket or drain.

Price: RRP £399 + VAT (See specials on Home Page)

Comes with:-

1 x Window / Wall Fixing Kit

1 x remote control

1 x Manual

1 x Active Carbon Filter

1 x Normal Filter

1 x 2 meter extending hose

1 x adapter (hose to unit)

1 x Fish tail adapter (hose to external)

2 x foam window fixing pads

1 x pipe for de-humidification

1 x pipe for drainage

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