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Computer IT

Labour & Hire Rates Below

Idea TIME FOR A REVIEW - Thinking:-

Backup data - off site - on Site - Both onto hard drives (not tapes) - for immediate use.



The Most likely componant to fail on any computer is the hard drive, for you its like taking the risk of flying the Atlantic on a single engine Commercial aeroplane (or "airplane" for those across that pond) - you would not do it.

Fit two drives - for continuous Mirror Image (RAID) to all computers - safer and your Computer can continue if one drive fails - saves on down time (wages) - and the inevitable aggravation and "computer rage"! - stress down. Continue on one drive, then when it suits you - Replace the faulty drive - hit the re-build button for the new drive - and away you go.

This is about 4 - 10 times cheaper than the alternative.


Add a new network point, for a network printer, web cam, expansion hub



Upgrade your internal network speed from 100m to 100,000m (1Gig)

Upgrade memory and that Video card (often linked to crashes and freezes)


Install / update firewall - add keywords / sites to block (Duty of Care)



You need 2 screens that work together and /or seperatly (its like going from mono to stereo) - so common these days.

Have your Email / Diary on one screen and your work on the other. Spread that large spread sheet over the two screens. Compare directly two different web pages or cut & paste from one document to the other without have to close one down. View accounts - outstanding invoices and contact details both at the same time etc. etc.

As they say - (or is it, we say!) 2 screens are better than one and they also act as a good "screen" between people.


Build Computers that match your requirements:-

arrow image Often very much cheaper and from Industry Sandard Componants (such as a better Video card because you do not need a Sound Blaster)

arrow image So so much easier to modify, upgrade / downgrade

arrow image So much freedom - (hence you are not tied to Manufactures expensive repairs and upgrades and OEM operating systems etc.).

arrow image You own your transferable operating system not the Manufacturer (such as XP / Vista) which can be transfered to a replacement computer, hence reduced cost of ownwership in the long term.



Run Computers in Cool & Quiet Modes often available, but not set up - you will notice the difference!



Upgrade XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to SP3



Disaster Recovery:- IT and The Air Conditioning (one call)

If your Air Con goes down, no matter how well your computers are backed up, it can "all" go down in a matter of hours.


Review IT Charges (see below)





Labour RATES

Normal Working Hours

08.00am to 6.00pm



6.00pm to 8.00pm

Week Day Nights After 8.00pm

and Weekends

£25.00 per 15mins (Rate) £ Rate x 1.5 £ Rate x 2
£90 per hour (Rate) £ Rate x 1.5 £ Rate x 2
Callout £90 + Expenses £ Callout x 1.5 £ Callout x 2



System - Office Standard


Price Per week on 104 week Contract

1 x Basic Computer (Dual Processor) (XP / Vista home standard)

2 x 1/2meg Ram, 1 x 80gb Hard Drive, 1 DVD reader, 1 x 125m Video

1 x Key Board

1 x Mouse

1 x Screen or Twin x Screen

£13.00 - Single 19" Screen

(£56.48 per month)

£16.00 - Twin 19" Screen

(£69.52 per month)

1 x Mid Range Computer (dual procesor) (XP / Vista Pro standard)

2 x 1meg Ram, 2 x 160gb Hard Drive(RAID), 1 DVD Read / Write, 256m Video

1 x Key Board

1 x Mouse

1 x Screen or Twin x Screen

£16.00 - Single 19" Screen

(£69.52 per month)

£18.00 - Twin 19" Screen

(£78.21 per month)

Others - Ask for a quote £





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